Safety Entrances

Optivia Solutions is dedicated to protecting your most important assets, the lives of your people and the clients you serve. Our world requires security that can keep you safe and protect against threats as terror can strike anyone, anywhere, and at any time. No public facility or business is immune from the potential of an attack. The Isotec Interlocking Door Safety Entrances® greatly reduces that risk.

Evolving Security with OptiVia

Optivia Solutions provides “turn-key” design, installation, and maintenance solutions built around customizable, Isotec Interlocking DoorSafety Entrances®. These entrances have the Certificate of Designation by the Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology.

Interlocking door systems are being used more frequently for facilities requiring safety and security. Airports, courthouses, strategic installations, bio-medical facilities, and more commonly banks and credit unions are incorporating interlocking door systems to provide safety and security of their facilities.

While some projects use standardized specification developed from prior installations, others may demand a unique design that Optivia Solutions can translate into a site specific engineered system.

Solutions start with simple two-door, one-room interlocks. However, the solution complexity increases dramatically as more related doors, screening sensors, connecting rooms and card access systems are added. Optivia Solutions will specify a solution to meet your exact security requirements, integrate it with your interior and exterior architecture, and ensure compliance with applicable local building codes.

All-inclusive Build Capabilities

Core Build Services Include:

  • Custom Design Services
  • Design Documentation
  • Permitting / Approvals
  • Certified Installation
  • Service / Maintenance