OptiVia Solutions’ FAQs

Let us help answer common questions we receive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get a condensed version of the scope of work? I'd prefer something more concise than an extensive document.

  • OptiVia Solutions' unique, one-page survey for each project provides a condensed overview of our recommendations
  • Our streamlined document ensures you have all the essential information at a glance, without the need for lengthy reading. We're dedicated to simplifying the process and providing transparent communication for our clients

How do I measure project success?

  • Clear and constant communication between all involved parties
  • Timely installation of proposed SOW
  • Seamless coordination of all out-of-scope photos
  • Minimal disruption due to project deviations
  • Invest in an installation team that takes pride in cleanliness, courtesy to staff, and minimal disruption to customer base

What best practice methods are used to document a project? How can I share project details with stakeholders?

  • All documentation including site photos of before and after are hosted in a cloud-based, secure web portal that can provide access to multiple end-users

What happens to the deinstalled ATM?

  • EPP Pinpad is drilled and hard drive is destroyed
  • A certificate of destruction is issued fulfilling all PCI-Compliance guidelines
  • Remaining components are either recycled or disposed of responsibly

What best practices does a financial institution require? 

  • Review of customer request for proposed project
  • Complete scope of work to account for any construction, signage, and surrounding areas for installation of proposed technology device

What is our installation coverage area?

  • Nationwide

How can I make my team more efficient?

  • Streamlined scope of work for ATM deployment projects
  • Cost control on projects and all ancillary OOS services
  • Effective communications throughout project plan

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